Unlimited Mileage Car Rental

If you have a long journey to make and your car is not exactly in a good condition for long distance driving, one of the options available to you is to rent a car for the journey. There are many car rental agencies and some of the smaller agencies give good deals to attract customers. Rental agencies have many plans and one of them is the unlimited mileage car rental plan. However, before you approach the car rental agency, have a rough idea as to how far you have to travel, the duration of your trip, the approximate distance to be covered each day etc. If the trip is long, covering a number of days and the mileage per day is likely to be high, then the best plan to opt for is the unlimited mileage car rental plan.

Before you sign the contract and take the car, go over the fine print of the contract carefully. Some plans will specify the States that you are permitted to use the car in and if you go to a non-designated state, you may have to pay a surcharge for each kilometer driven in that state. However there are plans which permit you to go anywhere you please, with unlimited mileage. Therefore depending on the nature of your journey, choose your plan. Remember, you must return the vehicle on the specified date and time. If you keep it longer than what you rented it for, you may be subjected to an hourly charge for each extra hour and if you return it early too, there will be a charge.

The cost of your unlimited mileage car rental depends on the vehicle you choose. The larger and more upscale your car, the more it will cost. Depending on the number of persons making the journey you can choose and if there are only one or two persons, a small compact car should do fine. If you have kids or lots of baggage or both, then you may have to choose a bigger vehicle.

Some car rental agencies will do a check of your driving license and if you have a bad track record, they may refuse to rent the car. Many agencies also have a policy of age restrictions. You may also have to inform them the other passengers who will drive on the journey. Only the authorized persons may drive the rented car. If you do not have sufficient insurance cover, the rental agency will insist on you taking sufficient cover, before letting you rent the vehicle. The rental agencies, for an extra charge, can give cover for a large number of unforeseen circumstances such as theft, accidents etc.

Renting a car with unlimited mileage gives you a lot of freedom to drive as you please, without worrying on the miles put on the odometer. This type of car rental will prove economical for vacations and business trips. You can go on the net and check out the various rates offered by different car rental agencies for unlimited mileage rental plans. Many of them offer deals, but since they may be only for a limited period, you have to book fast.

Of the different car rental plans, the unlimited mileage plan is one of the most economical for long distance journeys of more than a day’s duration and is a good option to consider when renting a car.

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