Important Facts to Remember about Car Rental Insurance

There are several reasons for a person to hire a rental car for his/her short term requirements. Their personal car might have met with an accident and is currently undergoing repair in the workshop. The car owner might have given the car to one of their relatives or friends as a short term arrangement. There are a number of car rental companies that provide compact to luxury cars on hire. If you are one of those involved in a hiring a car, then you need to seriously consider about taking car rental insurance along with hiring the car. By getting the car rental insurance, you are safeguarding yourself by covering against liability, physical damage and medical illness. This is very much similar to the coverage that you would have taken for your personal vehicle. The coverage that come as part of the rental car insurance includes Additional liability insurance, personal effects coverage, Emergency sickness coverage and collision damage waiver.

Additional liability insurance protects the rental car driver from damages caused to the other vehicles or the drivers and passengers traveling in the other vehicle. This is not a mandatory coverage requirement while taking a car rental insurance. But it really helps you if you get in to a tangle with another car due to the high traffic volumes in the highways. Personal effects coverage is a type of coverage that comes in to play when the personal belongings that is stored in the rental car gets lost or stolen. Some car insurance providers provide this coverage for your original car and also for the rented car. Hence it is advisable to check the original car insurance policy document before deciding to include this coverage. Emergency sickness coverage is another important coverage that helps to monetarily cover the rental car driver at the time of hospitalization due to sickness. You never know when you will fall sick. There are thousands of viruses that spread through air, water and food. This coverage will certainly help you to meet the unexpected expenses for treating the illness.

Collision damage waiver protects you when some damages are caused to the rental car due to collision with another vehicle or any other object. This might happen when the rental car is moving and also when it is parked at some point. If you had opted for this coverage, you need not pay anything extra for repairing the damaged parts of the rented car and the car rental company will be interfacing with the car rental insurance provider. You can buy the car rental insurance related coverage from the car rental company itself. Some rental companies provide this as a bundled package along with the rental car. Some car rental companies do not include the insurance option. In such cases you can approach the car insurance providers that provide insurance for the owned vehicle. If you had already taken a cover for car rental at the time of purchasing your own car then that will cover for the amount spent in buying the car rental insurance coverage.

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